Amit Shah clarifies on ‘slip of tongue’ over Yeddyurappa .

BJP President Amit Shah on Friday said if his party came to power in Karnataka, it would catch hold of murderers of his party activists even if they hide in the abyss.Shah, on a two-day tour of election-bound Karnataka that votes on May 12 to elect a new government, was in Mysuru to meet the royal family at Ambavilas Palace, also known as Mysore Palace.He met Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar, the head of the family, and his mother Pramoda Devi Wadiyar and wife Trishika Kumari Devi.

Amit Shah tweeted that he had “a wonderful meeting with Maharaja Yaduveer, Rajamatha Pramoda and Maharani Trishika of the royal family of Mysuru”.Addressing the media after meeting the royals, the BJP chief condemned the “killing of BJP and RSS workers under the Congress rule”.He said over 24 workers have been killed and then the police have taken no action against the killers.Shah was speaking in Mysuru, a stop on his multi-day election tour of poll-bound Karnataka. Elections to the legislative assembly there are just over a month away.Karnataka will vote on May 12 while results for the election will be declared three days later, on May 15. It was on the day the dates for the Karnataka election were announced that Amit Shah made the blooper.Speaking at a press conference, AmitShah said, If ever there is a competition on the most corrupt, then Yeddyurappa government will be awarded number one.”

Yeddyurappa is a Bharatiya Janata Party leader and a former chief minister of Karnataka. He is also the party’s CM-face in the Karnataka assembly election, something which is extraordinary on its own as the BJP usually does not announce chief ministerial candidates beforehand.Amit Shah, who was in Mysuru on Saturday said, “In a slip of tongue, I said that Yeddyurappa government is corrupt instead of Siddaramaiah’s, and the entire Congress party started to rejoice. I want to tell Rahul Gandhi, that I might have made a mistake but the people of Karnataka will not.”Despite the prompt correction, Amit Shah’s slip of tongue did nothing to stop the Congress from gleefully tweeting and retweeting the video.Chief Minister Siddaramaiah “thanked” the BJP president on Twitter.

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