Google given a big shock for Net-gins !

Now Google is shocked to the shock of all the netgins. Some of the other Google search engines, however, are searching for other search engines. Do you know what shock the original Google netgins have? If you want to find any small photo, click on the photo we want to find on Google and the ‘View Image’ option appears.

There was an option to download the image that was originally related to any website in the past. “Getty Images” has recently complained to Google that copyright issues are coming up recently. Thus, the agreement between the two companies suggested that Google had deleted the ‘View Image’. Google has stated that this decision was intended only to promote web publishers and copyright holders. Google also removed the ‘Search By Image’ option.

Now Google is cutting this option and the netizens are getting bigger in social media. The original use of this option is for office work, and it is unfair. However, since Netgines have been breathing some time since Google’s competitors in Yahoo and Bing search engines have been relieved.

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