Jagan Says Babu failed to implement his poll promises.

YSR Congress President YS Jaganmohan Reddy gave a call to throw out the corrupt Chandrababu Government in the State to get rid of the rotten political system. Addressing a public meeting in this Jaggery town on Wednesday evening on the 249th day of his Praja Sankalpa Yatra, he said that Babu failed to implement any of his pre-poll promises and on the other hand created mafias of Janmabhoomi committees which were corrupt to the core while granting pensions and other welfare schemes, sand, and all other aspects.

Referring to the sugarcane and jaggery farmers in the area, he said that the TDP government was systematically destroying the cooperative sugar factories in Etikoppaka, Chodavaram, Tumapala, and Tandava in the region and was preparing the ground to hand them over to private agencies. “During the previous regime of Chandrababu they were in the red and late YS Rajasekhara Reddy gave all these four factories tremendous support to make a turnaround. However, again now, with Chandrababu back at the helm, they are on the brink of closure,” he pointed out.

Same was the case with the cooperative dairies in the area. None except the Visakha Dairy, which was reduced to a family business, survived. The cooperative dairies were made to disappear to make way for Heritage foods. In this context, he said that while the dairy farmer sold milk for only Rs.26 per liter; Heritage sold only half-a-liter for that price which exposed how the farmer was exploited. Explaining one of the Navaratnas he promised if he was elected, Jagan said poverty alleviation would be possible only when at least one member of the family became a doctor or engineer. He promised to give every mother Rs.20,000 a year for Intermediate education and Rs.15,000 a year if a child went school which would help achieve total literacy since illiteracy, according to 2011 census was 32 percent in the State.

Anakapalle regional coordinator Gudivada Amarnath and others addressed the crowd which filled every inch of the main thoroughfares in the Jaggery Town as Jagan entered the town after completing 2,830 km in his journey.

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