Lokesh Counter Attack on Pawan’s allegations.

Nara Lokesh has responded to the allegations made by Janasena Leader Pawan Kalyan.”Nara Lokesh has sad ‘I will not bring any┬ábad name to my father.’All TDP chiefs have already been criticized for commenting on the comments made by Pawn Kalyan. Particularly, political analysts, including Chief Minister Chandrababu, feel that the BJP leaders are behind the comments.

TDP MLC Dokka Manikya Vara Prasad Responded against Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan. It is known that Pawan made corruption remarks framing TDP Chief and CM’s son Nara Lokesh in it. He demanded the unconditional apology to Lokesh from Pawan Kalyan. TDP senior leader and former minister Palle Raghunath Reddy reacted to the comments made by Pawan Kalyan. The former minister said that Pawan Kalyan is talking without any proper evidence. He also said that Pawan is making statements in anguish. He also made an allegation that BJP is behind Pawan Kalyan’s criticism towards TDP.

Responding to Pawan Kalyan’s allegation that Lokesh is involved in Shekar Reddy case, Raghunath Reddy has condemned it saying that Lokesh never meet Shekar Reddy. He also said that Pawan Kalyan should behave like a matured politician. Putting an end to all the rumours, Pawan Kalyan has openly criticised the central government, Narendra Modi, and Arun Jaitley.

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