Patanjali Claims Kimbho App Was Taken Down After Massive Response.

There has been a lot of controversy around the ‘Kimbo’ messaging app from Patanjali, which emerged as a competitor to WhatsApp earlier this week. The claimed Patanjali app turned out to be the copy of another messaging app developer by a US-based startup that also developed Kimbo. And it isn’t on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store anymore.

A Patanjali spokesperson has been quoted saying that the app, claimed to be a security disaster by a security researcher, has been taken down after getting massive attention with over 160,000 app downloads on the Google Play Store. Apparently, the app has been released in the beta version this week and is slated to be officially launched on 21 June. The spokesperson also said that the idea behind the Kimbo app is to protect the private information of users in India.

Acharya Balkrishna, Managing Director, Patanjali app is in testing mode and has been made available on Google Play store for trials. Our idea of launching the app is not driven by plans to generate revenues. The only goal is to protect the country’s private information. He has been quoted as saying this in a report by The Print. The report also quotes the developer of the Kimbo app, Aditi Kamal, who is the founder of the company called Appdios. She completed her M.Sc in Computer Science from the University of Southern California.

The app from Apple store has now been taken down. Aditi Kamal, founder, AppdiosAfter working in the US for over a decade, I wanted to design an application for my country. I decided to come back and approached seniors at Patanjali with the idea of developing the home-grown chat platform. Talking about the origin of the app, Kamal says that she reached out to the Patanjali team, who immediately approved the idea and asked to design an app layered around encryption, keeping it safe from data leaks. Speaking about the concept behind Kimbo, Balkrishna said:”To ensure the privacy of Indian consumers, we are launching a swadeshi alternative of WhatsApp.” He further assured that no data from the user is saved on their server or cloud.

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