Special helmet tells the root map just Rs.1500 only.

The safety helmets will also come’s a new way. Internal Bluetooth speaker is included. This gives instructions to the vehicle on the route. It is made by engineering students from Bangalore.Yogesh and Abhijit, These students are studying in the fourth semester at the PDA College in Gulbarga, Bangalore, have made this helmet for the project purpose.

They have a Bluetooth speaker in the helmet. In the case of anyone forgetting route to go through the phone, it is the convenience of connecting to Google Maps via phone Bluetooth. The students’ desire rate is 1500 rupees. We have decided to sell it on market.If you have a full charge, it will work for 6 hours. it having additional charging port, the cooling sheet is also on the front. They will soon be available to markets in other major cities as well as in Bangalore.

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