Telangana Police develops its own version of messaging application Cop Connect app.

Connecting cops with their own version of popular messaging application WhatsApp, the Telangana Police have scored yet another digital first with its Cop Connect app, an internal communication tool that will enable officers to reach out to a staggering 63,000 police personnel simultaneously. The Telangana Police version of WhatsApp, launched by Director-General of Police M. Mahender Reddy here on Monday, was developed internally and will enable police personnel to chat, share files, including images, audio bytes, videos and documents along with the location. In a regular WhatsApp group, the number of members is restricted to 256 but Cop Connect has no limit on the number of members.

Mahender Reddy said the app had end-to-end encryption with the server being with the Police Department to ensure security and confidentiality of internal communication. He said the app was developed based on the Telangana State police internal communication strategy, which will help the entire workforce to proactively engage and consult each other so that they will be able to play an active role in the delivery of uniform police services. This strategy aligns with the vision of the State Police to create a new model for internal communication within the Police Department that will help in making Telangana a crime-free State and a safe place to live for its citizens. A seamless tool “It’s a seamless supporting communication tool to achieve uniform service delivery,” he said.

The app will also enable the creation of different groups at the State, District or Commissionerate, zonal, sub-divisional and police station levels. The groups can be for patrolling officers, reception officers, station house officers, circle inspectors, all Sub-Divisional Police Officers (SDPOs) in the State, Deputy Commissioners of Police (DCsP), Superintendents of Police (SsP) and Commissioners of Police.

Access to the app will be restricted since only police personnel whose contact numbers are with the State Police data bank can register after downloading the app. Separate training would be conducted to explain in detail the use of the app. All those using the app should follow the code of conduct as it is used only for professional needs, he added, indicating that the app, unlike the usual WhatsApp groups, would be off-limits for those sharing ‘Good morning’ messages and mundane forwards.

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