YSR Congress MLA Roja Said Only Jagan has guts to go it alone in elections.

YSR Congress Party MLA and film actor Roja gave a call to women to throw out the anti-women TDP rule in the State. Talking to reporters here on Sunday on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan festival, she said there was no safety to women in the State with atrocities reported on children aged even six or nine.

The culprits in the Rishiteswari murder are not booked so far. Nor in the case of Sandhyarani and more recently Silpa, who committed suicide. When MRO Vanajakshi was assaulted by TDP legislator Chintamaneni Prabhakar; Chandrababu Naidu intervened only to ‘settle’ the issue. When I questioned the involvement of TDP MLAs in Vijayawada sex racket, I was suspended from the house, she recalled.

When this was the case, it was ridiculous Chandrababu Naidu was organizing women’s rallies and Dharma Porata Deekshas, she noted, adding that the people would not be carried away by such things. Roja also said that Chandrababu Naidu lacked the confidence to go alone in the elections and was now looking for support from the Congress Party, which divided the State into unequal terms. Roja appealed to the women in the State to support YSRCP president YS Jaganmohan Reddy who had promised Navaratnas which included 25 lakh houses and interest-free loans for women, besides waving the loans of DWCRA group members and rescue the State from the `Narakasura rule of Naaras.

People of Andhra Pradesh are witnessing everything including how Naidu has responded to the special category status issue in the last four years. People have come to a conclusion to usher in ‘Rajanna Rajyam’ by putting an end to Naidu’s corrupt rule, Roja said. The YSRC MLA also added that only Jagan had the guts to go it alone in the elections. But Naidu, scared of losing in elections, is not in a position to announce his party’s stand. Roja also stated that women in AP had lost faith in Naidu’s rule and they have become victims right from Rishiteshwari to Vanajakshi. She said that in Naidu’s regime, girl children from five years of age to 60-year-old women were becoming victims of rape and other offenses.

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